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Gift Giving, A Sweet Affair https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=637

Gift Giving Is A Sweet Affair.

Gift giving is a sweet affair, especially during Christmas. So why not give a showstopper, that is sure to put a sweet taste in their mouth? A fresh batch of homemade cookie dough is perfect, for anyone who wants to add a touch of quintessential made-with-love to their gift-giving-game. These delicious morsels, are as pleasing to eat, as they are to gaze upon. The festive, yet simple packaging of these parcels, makes them a perfect teacher, parent or neighbor present. For a one of a kind cookie swap idea, make smaller tubes to send home with your guests. They will appreciate the party favor, because who says no to homemade cookies?!

Gift Giving, A Sweet Affair https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=637

Roll cookie dough into a cylindrical shape (for easy cutting and shape), place it in some cling wrap and pack tightly. For texture and extra layer, place the wrapped dough in a sheet of grease proof paper and at last, roll it in a final sheet of craft paper, for that nostalgic and rustic look. As a finishing touch, cut a small piece of accent paper, add some twine and a festive tag. Voila!

Gift Giving, A Sweet Affair https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=637

Why You Should Try Bullet Journaling

First things first, what exactly is bullet journaling? It gets its name from the muted dotted grids on every page for your convenience, when writing, doodling and/or sketching. So is it a traditional journal, where you jot down your every thought, or is it a sketch book? That’s the beauty of a bujo (bullet journal), it’s whatever you need it to be, but most of all it can be a catch all! Think, how delightful that one notebook can become a place where you house all of your most cherished things. 

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Although the web is jam packed with an abundance of glorious and equally magnificent pages and spreads, where people share their mind-blowing artistic skills, your journal is an extension of you and only your personality. It can be as extravagant and colorful or straight forward and minimalistic as you wish it to be. In essence all you need is a notebook and your favorite pen. If I’ve been successful at getting you to consider joining our merry bandwagon of fellow bujo’ers, then let’s have a closer look at the anatomy of a bullet journal. Here’s a few page and spread ideas to get you started.

Cover Page

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Weekly spreads

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Habit tracker

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