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Hi, I’m Amelia. Wife, mother and former kindergarten teacher, turned creative director behind According to Amelia. I’m also an animal lover, runner, traveler, baker, photographer and somewhat of a dreamer.

I grew up in stunning Norway, but after traveling large parts of the world with my husband, we decided to settle down and set roots in the land Down Under. Here we live with our two daughters, two Persian cats and a Siberian Husky.

I love sharing interesting and inspiring things I come across along the way. It can be a killer tune to go well with your run, an awesome parenting book or a mouthwatering recipe. Other times it can be crazy life moments, mom fails (because we have all been there), beauty hacks, homeschooling ideas, etc.

Lets stay connected either here or via instagram @accordingtoamelia Drop me a comment or two so we can stay in touch and inspire each others to live this crazy, beautiful life to the fullest.