Picnic Under The Stars

It has been a while since our last date night, the kids have been sick all week and we were starting to suffer cabin fever. What we needed was some adult time and I had the perfect idea in mind. After the kids went to bed, we set a picnic for two in the back yard and the telescope aimed up for some stargazing. 

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Outfit Of The Day

I’ve had a bunch on my to-do-list the last few days, but I believe I’m finally done! Now that I have a few hours to kill, I’m heading out with a friend for a coffee date. The sun is shining, it’s 20 something degrees outside and I’m done with a very long list of tasks… This calls for a mini celebration and I plan to do exactly that by dressing up. Check in later to see what I ordered on my Lazy Girl’s Shopping I’ll give you a hint, beauty products meet summer <3