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National Pizza Week

It’s National Pizza Week, so what’s on the menu? Pizza of course, but first… What is pizza?

A simple question, but one with many answers and non which are wrong! The obvious answer is, it’s food! Some may dig a bit deeper and say; “It’s an Italian meal, made with staple ingredients”. I say; lets get philosophical! What is pizza? Sure you can categorize it as food, but to me it’s more then that. It’s a basic pleasure, a source of life, a gatherer of people, an ice breaker, but also a science project, as well as an art form.

It's National Pizza Week, so what's on the menu? Pizza of course, but first... What is pizza? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=654

Lets have a look at the dough first. Pretty basic right? Less then a hand full of ingredients are needed, the final result however can vary tremendously, depending on how those are combined.

It's National Pizza Week, so what's on the menu? Pizza of course, but first... What is pizza? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=654

Commence science project! Activating the yeast for a perfect dough, requires a secret ingredient, which most recipes don’t even include. Here’s the best kept kitchen secret, a little bit of sugar make everything better. To activate the yeast for a softer and fluffier dough, you will need chemistry 101. Add a tea spoon of sugar to your yeast and water mixture and gaze at the marvel, that will develop in your very own laboratory. You will know it’s done, when an eruption of bubbles has formed, like the volcano you made in grade one science class. But wait, don’t put away your sorcerer wand just yet! Other mediums are still required for that “easy” dough. You will need to conjure up the perfect room temperature as well as humidity, no one said alchemy is easy.

It's National Pizza Week, so what's on the menu? Pizza of course, but first... What is pizza? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=654

This next part is for all you creative souls out there. Now that you have your beautiful canvas, aka the dough, we can begin on our master piece. Food is all about having fun, whether you are making, eating, sharing, gifting, etc. So then lets have some fun and play with our food! Imagine Michelangelo embarking on the Sistine Chapel, obviously without the Pope and his Vatican entourage breathing down your neck, but still… You get where I’m going with this. The toppings are your paint and your hand is the brush. Make a master piece, that will entice all your senses. Happy National Pizza Week!

It's National Pizza Week, so what's on the menu? Pizza of course, but first... What is pizza? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=654

Dutch Oven Baking

There’s so much more you can do with your Dutch oven, then just making stews. Have you ever tried Dutch oven baking?

There's so much more you can do with your Dutch oven, then just making stews. Have you ever tried Dutch oven baking? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=645

Dutch ovens have in the past few years made a massive comeback, thanks to social media and partly also because of the pandemic. During the endless lockdowns, we tried desperately to find joy in simpler things, as life slowed down. Gathering around a shared meal with loved ones, has since the beginning of time been a joyous event. Technology made staying in touch with the people we love and hold dear to us easier. We shared ideas, inspired and also found inspiration with likeminded people.

There's so much more you can do with your Dutch oven, then just making stews. Have you ever tried Dutch oven baking? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=645

I, myself, have made many new friendships over the last two years, with other amateur bakers and home chefs. This is also when my appreciation for Dutch ovens began. I have made and tried so many new and enticing recipes with my new and favorite kitchen tool, but I don’t recall ever baking in it. I’m not one to say no to anything, so I accepted the challenge with open arms! Over the Christmas holidays, I made my favorite recipe for brunch, Cinnamon Rolls! I made them in my braiser, for no other reason then, I wanted to try Dutch oven baking and the surface areas allowed for more rolls to be baked together. The result was so good! The most evenly baked, moist and juicy Cinnamon Rolls I’ve ever made! I used this recipe.

There's so much more you can do with your Dutch oven, then just making stews. Have you ever tried Dutch oven baking? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=645

Dutch ovens are great for frying, braising, simmering, stewing and also baking! These heavy duty pots and pans can be costly, but worth every single penny. They age well, they are decorative and will for sure become your next kitchen BFF.

There's so much more you can do with your Dutch oven, then just making stews. Have you ever tried Dutch oven baking? https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=645
Gift Giving, A Sweet Affair https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=637

Gift Giving Is A Sweet Affair.

Gift giving is a sweet affair, especially during Christmas. So why not give a showstopper, that is sure to put a sweet taste in their mouth? A fresh batch of homemade cookie dough is perfect, for anyone who wants to add a touch of quintessential made-with-love to their gift-giving-game. These delicious morsels, are as pleasing to eat, as they are to gaze upon. The festive, yet simple packaging of these parcels, makes them a perfect teacher, parent or neighbor present. For a one of a kind cookie swap idea, make smaller tubes to send home with your guests. They will appreciate the party favor, because who says no to homemade cookies?!

Gift Giving, A Sweet Affair https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=637

Roll cookie dough into a cylindrical shape (for easy cutting and shape), place it in some cling wrap and pack tightly. For texture and extra layer, place the wrapped dough in a sheet of grease proof paper and at last, roll it in a final sheet of craft paper, for that nostalgic and rustic look. As a finishing touch, cut a small piece of accent paper, add some twine and a festive tag. Voila!

Gift Giving, A Sweet Affair https://accordingtoamelia.com/?p=637
10 Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes To Try https://accordingtoamelia.com/2021/12/13/10-christmas-holiday-cookie-recipes-to-try/

10 Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes To Try

10 Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes To Try.

Bakers assemble and rejoice, for the baking season is finally upon us! I think it’s safe to say, that by now everyone has managed to either embrace winter, found those last crumbs of holiday cheer that was packed away, and/or both if you are one of the lucky ones. Fret not my fellow bakers, for whether you are in the mood for something sweet, want to try out a new recipe or want to deck out for a cookie swap party, I have got you covered! Here’s 10 Christmas holiday cookie recipes to try. 

1. Sugar Cookies

2. Ooey, Gooey Chocolate Crinkle Cookies 

10 Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes To Try  https://accordingtoamelia.com/2021/12/13/10-christmas-holiday-cookie-recipes-to-try/
What’s Gaby Cooking

3. Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies With Easy Icing

10 Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes To Try  https://accordingtoamelia.com/2021/12/13/10-christmas-holiday-cookie-recipes-to-try/
Snixy Kitchen

4. Chocolate Kiss Cookies

5. Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies

6. Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies

7. Peppermint Mocha Cookies

8. Christmas Linzer Cookies with Raspberry Preserves

9. Mint Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

10. Peppermint Bark Fudge

October Bingeworthy TV Series

Are you fully engulfed in this year’s spooky season and everything that goes bump in the night yet? I bet you have watched all the oldies, but goodies for yet another year. I mean is it even October unless you’ve watched Hocus Pocus, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, the Halloween franchise, etc. And yes sure, every year there are a few new movies to explore, that will scare the bejesus out of you, but you know what’s even better? Stumbling upon a thrilling new TV series! Look no further, because I’ve got you. Here’s a few TV series worthy of binging  to celebrate October to its fullest.


Set in the 1850’s, the series follows the recently widowed Captain Charles Boone (Adrien Brody) and his family of three children to his ancestral home in the small town of Preacher’s Corner, Main. Shortly after moving in, Charles has to confront his family’s secret, a secret so dark that not only has it plagued the Boones for generations, but everyone else around them as well. With only one season under its belt, trust me when I say that you will get hooked from the very first episode and beg the network for more!

Midnight Mass

The creator of The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor (Mike Flanagan) does it again! This time it is Midnight Mass that will send chills down your spine. A small isolated island community becomes anything but boring, when a disgraced young man returns back home, along with a new and charismatic priest. The show has moments where you’re gobsmacked and others, where you kind of just roll your eyes. Intriguing, fun, exciting, sad, corny, funny, Midnight Mass has it all.

Locke and Key

Recently widowed Nina, decides for a change and takes her three children and moves from Seattle to Matheson, Massachusetts. There they move into their husband and father’s family home, The Keyhouse. The children soon discover a number of mysterious keys throughout the house that can be used to unlock various doors in magical ways. They soon become aware though, of a demonic entity that is also searching for the keys for its own purposes. Beautiful New England sceneries, new friendships, family bonds, mystery and tons of magic. The best part though, Netflix just dropped the entire season two! What you you waiting for? Don’t walk, RUN!

Only Murders in the Building

An American comedy-mystery with Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and my very favorite, Martin Short. Three strangers become best of friends, when they try to solve a murder which happened in the building they all reside in. With a common interest for true crime pod cast, the trio set off to publish their very own. If you like oldies like, Murder by Death and Clue, you will love this one! Other talents such as Sting, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey also grace us with their presence. Watch it and thank me later.

Honorable Mentions

Discovery of Witches

Diana Bishop, a historian and reluctant witch, accidentally comes across a bewitched manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library. This discovery forces her back into the world of magic in order to unravel the secrets it holds about magical beings. Despite a long-held mistrust between witches and vampires, she and her new vampire friend form an alliance and set out to protect the book and solve the mysteries hidden within while dodging threats from the creature world. This series has it all! Vampires, witches, spells, demons, ancient ruins, beautiful English country sceneries, gorgeous costumes, good versus evil and yes, even time travel!

Why You Should Try Bullet Journaling

First things first, what exactly is bullet journaling? It gets its name from the muted dotted grids on every page for your convenience, when writing, doodling and/or sketching. So is it a traditional journal, where you jot down your every thought, or is it a sketch book? That’s the beauty of a bujo (bullet journal), it’s whatever you need it to be, but most of all it can be a catch all! Think, how delightful that one notebook can become a place where you house all of your most cherished things. 

Photo: Plinthced

Although the web is jam packed with an abundance of glorious and equally magnificent pages and spreads, where people share their mind-blowing artistic skills, your journal is an extension of you and only your personality. It can be as extravagant and colorful or straight forward and minimalistic as you wish it to be. In essence all you need is a notebook and your favorite pen. If I’ve been successful at getting you to consider joining our merry bandwagon of fellow bujo’ers, then let’s have a closer look at the anatomy of a bullet journal. Here’s a few page and spread ideas to get you started.

Cover Page

Photo: Wildeyesbujo
Photo: julia.pezowicz
Photo: supermassiveblackink
Photo: mylartsy

Weekly spreads

Photo: marthasjournal
Photo: mashaplans
Photo: flyingpaperwords
Photo: bujotrulla

Habit tracker

Photo: kc.bujo
Photo: _coffeeandsarcasm_
Photo: keletters
Photo: inprint.xyz

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Cinnamon rolls are a favorite at my house. We have them for dessert, snack, breakfast, even as a special treat during the holidays. They are so easy to dress up or down with just a few tweaks here and there. I’ve lost count how many recipes I’ve tried over the years, but this one is tried and true. Best cinnamon roll recipe hands down! Try for yourself and thank me later!

Cinnamon Rolls Recipe


4 – 4.5 cups bakers flour
1 package fast-rising active dry yeast
⅔ cup milk
⅔ cup water
½ cup sugar
½ cup cooking oil
2 egg yolks
¼ cup butter
⅓ cup sugar
4 teaspoons ground cinnamon

Cream Cheese Frosting


1 3 ounce package cream cheese, softened
3 tablespoons butter, softened
½ teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon milk
1 ½ cups powdered sugar, sifted

Cinnamon Rolls recipe


Step 1
In a large mixing bowl, combine 2 cups flour and yeast. In small saucepan, combine milk, water, the 1/2 cup sugar and oil. Stir over medium heat until just warm.

Step 2
Add milk mixture and egg yolks to the dry mixture. Knead the dough well. Stir in as much of the remaining flour as you need and knead well.

Step 3
Turn dough out onto a floured surface. Knead to make a moderately soft dough that’s smooth and elastic. Cover and let rest for 1 to 2 hours.

Step 4
Roll out dough to form a rectangle. Spread with softened butter. Sprinkle with a mixture of 1/3 cup sugar and cinnamon.

Step 5
Roll up, starting from long side and seal seam. Cut into 1 inch thick slices. Place on lined cookie sheets and cover with a tea towel. Let rise in warm place until nearly doubled, about 30 minutes.

Step 6
Bake in a 375 degree F oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden. Cool slightly and remove from sheet. Frost warm rolls with cream cheese frosting. Serve warm or cool.

Cinnamon Rolls recipe

Cream Cheese Frosting

Step 1
In a medium mixing bowl, beat cream cheese, butter and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in milk. Gradually add powdered sugar until frosting has a spreading consistency and not grainy.

Cinnamon Rolls recipe


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