What’s Poppin’?

It’s National Popcorn Day, Yay! The snack loved by young and old, eaten cold or hot, served sweet or savory, one ingredient and a thousand ways to dress it up.

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Teddy Bear Tea Party

The summer holidays is nearing it’s end and I’m starting to run low on ideas on how to keep the kids busy, but fear not because I always have a few things up my sleeve.

My youngest daughter and her teddy have a very special bond. They have been inseparable since she was a teeny tiny baby. The love she has for that tatty old bear, is beyond what any word could express. An old friend like that should be celebrated and what better way to do that, than with a tea party?

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Work Work Work

Creative writing requires a few steps to be taken, before an even flow of magic can overrun and be shared with likeminded creatures. A screenplay writer I once knew, used to have the metronome clicking as he was tapping away on the keys. Another writer I know he listens to heavy metal music, whenever he is writing. Each to their own!

For me, having a workspace that is functional and inspirational, is paramount. Achieving such a space however can be tricky, when you work from home. The constant interruptions alone is enough to make me wish I was in outer space, rather then in this space. You can’t give up on your passion though, so how do you make it work? “Be happy with what you have!” That’s what I always tell my girls. An organized and functional workspace goes a long way and helps me achieve peace of mind, everything else just comes natural.

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Travel Journal

I am fortunate, for I have colorful experiences! Over the years I have traveled far and wide, I have traveled north and I have traveled south. It’s on my journeys that I have learnt to know the real me, acceptance, love, joy and happiness. Exposing your senses to new experiences is something everyone should do as often as possible. Identity exploration can only be achieved through experimentations. I hope this year I can enrich my experiences further to new destinations and perhaps revisit a few pre pinned ones as well.

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December Favorites

It’s January 1st and with that, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! A new year, means exciting new adventures, embarking on uncharted territories, seizing thrilling opportunities and achieving set goals.

December was a joyful month, filled with many fond memories, which we will cherish for many years to come. Birthday parties, end of the very first school year, Christmas, presents, camping in the living room, first bike, theme parks, loosing first tooth, etc. I would also like to mention a few things I have personally loved this passing month, here’s my December Favorites list.

Lavande, Loccitane, Lavender, Purple, Cosmetic, Lotion, HandLotion, France, French, Beauty, Skincare

Favorite handlotion.

Leatherbound, Book, Literature, Jewelry, SkeletonKey, Gold, Cinderella, Necklace, Key, Chain, GoldChain, GoldNecklace

Favorite accessorie.

Candle, ScentedCandle, Lavender, Bergamot, Home

Favorite scented candle.

RainbowFish, literature, KidsBook, KidsLiterature, Book, MarcusPfister

Favorite kids literature, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Cosmetic, Cosmetics, Makeup, Concealer, Foundation, Face, Eye, Eyes, Rimmel, Loreal, Maybelline, Marble, Beauty, French, France, TrueMatch, WakeMeUp, AgeRewind

Favorite drugstore concealer.

Literature, Gold, Book, HCAndersen, Danish, Denmark, Norwegian, Norway, Norge, Fairytale, BookClub

Favorite book.

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Photo/Getwallpaper.com Favorite TV series.

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Favorite sweet tooth quencher.

50 Questions Tag

50 Questions Tag seems like a fitting first blog post, hope you enjoy the read. Here we go…

1. Name: Amelia

2. Zodiac sign: Virgo

3. Name 3 fears: Bugs, bugs and bugs!

4. 3 things you love: My family, holidays and snow.

5. Who is your best friend: My husband. He’s the only person who knows the real me.

6. Last song you listened to: Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

7. Turn ons: Good sense of humor, honesty and intelligence.

8. Turn offs: Poor hygiene, rudeness and ignorance.

9. Signature perfume: Christian Dior, Forever and Ever

10. How many tattoos/piercings do you have: No tattoos, but I do have pierced ears.

11. What’s the reason you started blogging: Why not? It’s the ultimate creative outlet!

12. How do you feel right now: Pretty great actually, besides a minor headache.

13. Something you really want:  A cold Lemon Lime and Bitters.

14. Your current relationship status: Married

15. Meaning behind your URL: Our opinions and thoughts are what makes us all unique. This is a space where I share life as I see it, hence According to Amelia.

16. Your favorite movie: Not sure… Too many too mention! Some old school (Singing in the Rain and An Affair to Remember) and some new ones (Deadpool and Harry Potter).

17. Your favorite song: Wow! That list is way too long to mention. I would recommend reading the question  and answer bellow.

18. Your favorite band: Seether, 3 Doors Down, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Toto, etc. Just to mention a few.

19. 3 things that upset you: Lies, injustice and ignorance.

20. 3 things that makes you happy: My family, snow and traveling.

21. What do you find attractive in other people: Kindness, smile, humor, self irony and thoughtfulness.

22. Someone you miss: My cat, he passed away a year ago.

23. Someone you love: My family.

24. Your favorite holiday: I’m a holiday lover, for the lack of a better word. I get “too” into them, by making a celebration out of every holiday, no matter how big or small. I change out my serve ware, the pictures in my frames to my interior decor. If I had to pick only one holiday however, I would say it has to be Christmas, hands down!

25. Your closest blogging friend: I don’t believe any of my close friends blog…

26. A confession: I am an introvert and I’ve learnt over the years that if that is a problem, it’s not mine.

27. 3 things that annoys you easily: Lip smacking, poor manners and mess.

28. Your favorite animal: The animal kingdom is too grand to pick only one, but as for domesticated ones, I have to say cats and dogs.

29. Your pets: Milo, my Siberian husky.

30. One thing you’ve lied about: I said I would attend a neighborhood bbq, when I knew I never would.

31. Something that’s currently worrying you: My children’s future. I get very anxious thinking about how they are going to do in a rapidly changing world.

32. An embarrassing moment: I generally don’t get embarrassed, because I don’t give it much thought what others think of me. With that said though, I do feel uncomfortable in strange and odd situations with people I don’t know. Probably my introverted personality working on overdrive there ha ha!

The other day for instance, I asked the baker for rhombus shaped ciabatta. He had no clue what I was talking about. I had to point at it and tell him; “the diamond shaped ones…” I felt very awkward, not because I got embarrassed, but because a simple request ended up becoming more complicated then it needed to be (unnecessary amount of words got exchanged). Introvert? That’s me!

33. Your work: My job description is long and wide, it really depends on the time of the day. I work seven days a week and take it with me on holidays too. Some days I work as a personal assistant and other days I’m required to make executive decisions. It’s a demanding job and the future of this well oiled machine depends on me and another person, who I love to work with. I love my job and wouldn’t change anything about it. Hello mom life!

34. Something that’s constantly on your mind: Human consciousness. Incredibly fascinating.

35. 3 habits you have: I keep to routines, because I don’t like falling behind on my to-do-list. So lets begin with my first 3 morning habits. Shower, caffeine and then makeup.

36. My Future goals: I would love to travel more, experience new places and even revisit some too.

37. Something you fantasize about: The most epic winter vacation! Road trip, lots and lots of snow, log cabin, Christmas preparations, skiing, s’mores by the fireplace, plaid pjs, warm drinks, etc. Vacation bliss.

38. Your favorite store: Clothing – American Eagle, Food – Whole Foods, Interior – Target, Furniture – Pottery Barn, Drinks – Starbucks.

39. Your favorite food: Caffeine, is that food? Too hard! I can’t pick… Italian!

40. What did you do yesterday: Yesterday was Friday, so that meant running errands and school runs. We ended the day with our traditional Friday Movie & Pizza Night with the kids.

41. Something you’re talented at: I’ve been told I have an ear for language. I guess I do, since I speak 3 languages fluently and understand 5 in total. Creativity however is what I am passionate and great at, whether that being expressing myself through text, song, apparel, baking, DIY or photography.

42. Your idea of the perfect date: Road trips, hiking, museum, I don’t really care what we are doing, as long as we are paying attention to each other and having fun.

43. Number of kids you want: When I was younger, I wanted a boy and a girl. Then I went though a phase hoping I would have twins. Today I have two girls and could not be happier with the outcome.

44. Do you smoke/drink: Neither.

45. One word that describes you: Organized.

46. Describe your sense of style: Interior wise I would say, steampunk meets rustic farmhouse.

47. Favorite reading material: I do most of my reading on Flipboard.

48. Favorite place on Earth: Yosemite.

49. Favorite color: That really depends of my mood, but generally any shade of blue.

50. Breakfast or brunch: How about lunner or dinch, dinner for lunch?


Hi, I’m Amelia. I’m a mother, wife and an animal lover. A Norwegian girl currently living in Australia, I travel, read, bake, take photographs, notes and so much more along the way on  this  journey of mine.

According To Amelia is my little digital corner of the world, where I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas on everything this beautiful life has to offer. Please feel free to subscribe to my news letter for all the new discoveries and also head on over to my instagram @accordingtoamelia for bits and clips that will be shared there. I hope this place can help you get inspired and motivated to live your life to the fullest.


For any inquiries, please email me on amelia@athertongroups.com