My Little Pony Birthday Party

I have a little girl here, who is very excited for her birthday. To say that she’s obsessed with My Little Pony, is the biggest understatement in the history of the world. So of course she wants to have a MLP themed party. I have a specific idea I want to implement, I’m thinking MLP Sleep Under Party. I’ve already ordered a bunch of party supplies and I will be sharing them all, once they arrive, but for now, enjoy this mood board I’ve created for the occasion.

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Work Work Work

Creative writing requires a few steps to be taken, before an even flow of magic can overrun and be shared with likeminded creatures. A screenplay writer I once knew, used to have the metronome clicking as he was tapping away on the keys. Another writer I know he listens to heavy metal music, whenever he is writing. Each to their own!

For me, having a workspace that is functional and inspirational, is paramount. Achieving such a space however can be tricky, when you work from home. The constant interruptions alone is enough to make me wish I was in outer space, rather then in this space. You can’t give up on your passion though, so how do you make it work? “Be happy with what you have!” That’s what I always tell my girls. An organized and functional workspace goes a long way and helps me achieve peace of mind, everything else just comes natural.

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