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To My Precious Daughters

Growing up I would imagine of greatness, a future filled with amazement, splendor, joy and laughter. A grownup version of me, who was fearless, strong willed and a force to be reckoned with. A lioness who’s heart was as strong, as it was loving and caring. As so many of life’s wonders, my journey was […]


This global pandemic, shelter in place, homeschooling, etc. is giving me cabin fever. I have such an urge to travel! I need the freedom of choosing my next destination to explore, because it’s only through explorations, that you get to discover the real you. Every step taken on a foreign land, new tasty morsels, jaw […]

Exciting New Times Ahead

I’m kind of saddened that I have to pack away my Easter decorations, but all good things come to and end, right? As Nora Jones sings sweet tunes in the background, my kiddos’ precious voices can be heard living out their magical imaginations of whimsical creatures like dragons, witches, unicorns and more. Their innocence and […]

Easter Traditions

I’m a sucker for holidays, especially family holiday traditions. Scavenger hunts has become an all time favorite with my kiddos. Every holiday I search on various sites for riddles and clues, print them out and then hide them all around inside and outside our home. This year I embellished the clues with some card stock […]

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

It’s day 22 of of self isolation and my number one priority has been and still is to keep to routines and maintain a sense of normalcy in all this madness. Keeping the kiddos occupied has been challenging at times because lets face it, there’s only so much you can do from within your four […]

10 Things I Wish I Liked, But Hate!

Pumpkin spice anything. This one is one of those things I feel I’m missing out on big time! I keep giving it a try, but it saddens me to say, that I don’t like anything with classic pumpkin spice mix, period! Summer. I just don’t like going to the beach, the heat, the humidity and […]