Sexy Must Haves For Summer

When I think of preparations for summer, there’s a few things that come to my mind. Sun kissed skin, beach hair, sunscreen, lace and floral summer dresses to mention a few. My absolute must have however is the perfect perfume. The perfect scent to me is soft, sexy and seductive.

My all-time favorite perfumes are, Forever & Ever Dior by Christian Dior and L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake. These two are my signature scents for everything described above and more. If you are anything like me and like your scents not overpowering, slightly floral, fresh and sophisticated, then either one of these beauties will become a fast favorite for you too.

Lazy Girl’s Shopping

I’m sure we all have had those days, where you are too tired to do anything productive and too fogged up to think. Turns out I had one of those kinds of days not too long ago. In my defense however, it turned out to be a pretty productive day after all, because I ended up doing some online shopping and ended up with a bunch of beauty products I had run out of.

Shades Of Blue Love

“Seek and you shall find”, or something like that… But I did indeed seek for a great birthday present and I did find! I have to say, buying gifts for girls is so much fun! The variety alone is amazing, maybe because 98% of all department stores are set up for female shoppers.

Anyways, on to my latest loves, blue shades edition. None of these are new, but somehow have been demoted from their ranks, because of newer items. Perhaps this should be called, “Oldies, But Goodies”. And with that, I suddenly have a great idea for a future post.

My blue Instax Mini has been such a fun new found love for capturing all those esthetic moments. The question now however is, what do I do with all these pictures lying around? Light Blue used to be the bottle I always would reach for on my vanity, basically my signature scent. Light, fresh and slightly floral. Delicious! And last, but not least, Mint Mojito by Covergirl. Perfect summer nail color to pair with sun kissed skin.