A Dream Worthy Bedroom

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I’m very particular, when it comes to my bedroom. It’s not just a place I lay my head down and hope to catch a few hours of sleep, it’s my sanctuary. A place where I look forward to being in, somewhere I retreat to, when the outside world becomes too hectic and loud, or both. A space of my own. I like to think of it as my very own universe, a universe within another and I travel freely between these multiverse’s.


Creating this universe of mine, takes lots of consideration and planning. I’ve spent years on fine tweaking it and come to terms with, that as long as I’m happy with the bigger points, the smaller ones can change, as I develop and change. Color, material, texture and scents are all major factors to take into consideration, when making any space feel like home.


When it comes to bedlinen, nothing says clean and comfortable quite like rich and light colored cotton. A fresh, but not over powering scented candle can transform your space from one to another. A stark contrast of dark wooden furniture and light colored fabrics, is the perfect match for a hint of a much needed masculine touch. Last but not least, decor. I make it to be a conscious decision when decorating any room, to keep it simple! I only use meaningful items that brings me joy and happiness.