Picnic Under The Stars

It has been a while since our last date night, the kids have been sick all week and we were starting to suffer cabin fever. What we needed was some adult time and I had the perfect idea in mind. After the kids went to bed, we set a picnic for two in the back yard and the telescope aimed up for some stargazing. 

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My Little Pony Birthday Party

I have a little girl here, who is very excited for her birthday. To say that she’s obsessed with My Little Pony, is the biggest understatement in the history of the world. So of course she wants to have a MLP themed party. I have a specific idea I want to implement, I’m thinking MLP Sleep Under Party. I’ve already ordered a bunch of party supplies and I will be sharing them all, once they arrive, but for now, enjoy this mood board I’ve created for the occasion.

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Wake Up Buttercup

We all want our days to be productive and successful and I’m here to let you know it is not as hard or daunting as it may seem. It’s actually quite simple, not easy, but simple non the less!

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Research shows that your brain has a five-second time limit, when it’s required to make hard decisions. These choices require what’s called, activation energy. This is the minimum quantity of energy you must possess in order to undergo a specific reaction.

wake up buttercup, Productivity, Productive, Morning Person, Good Morning, Morning Motivation, Playlist, Music, Good Morning Playlist, According to Amelia, Monday Motivation, Music Inspiration,

So lets take for instance, your alarm goes off and you don’t want to get out of bed. Your brain chooses to press snooze, and with that you have chosen not to enforce your self to tap into your activation energy. By not disciplining your own behavior, you fall short and into bad habits, which is counterproductive.

wake up buttercup, Productivity, Productive, Morning Person, Good Morning, Morning Motivation, Playlist, Music, Good Morning Playlist, According to Amelia, Monday Motivation, Music Inspiration,

Now on to the part on how it’s simple to start your day productive. First things first, don’t press snooze! Get up! No matter how tired you are, that feeling will go away after a few minutes. A refreshing morning shower/rinse wakes your body and then caffeine and nutrition for your brain. Last but not least, something for your psyche. Make an upbeat playlist and play it on shuffle, that way you don’t get easily tiered of your favorite tunes.

wake up buttercup, Productivity, Productive, Morning Person, Good Morning, Morning Motivation, Playlist, Music, Good Morning Playlist, According to Amelia, Monday Motivation, Music Inspiration,

Here’s my Good Morning Playlist, which also works as my alarm clock. I wake up feeling pumped and excited to embark on a new day. Since I’ve started this new routine, I no longer have to wake my sleepy kiddos either, as they wake up to music they like and get ready for their day. We sing, dance and get ready together for our days all the way to school. That’s what I call an upbeat start to a productive day!

Instagram Hashtags For Lifestyle Bloggers

How often do you publish a picture or video on Instagram and you’re not sure how to direct the attention it needs to your feed? Fret not, because I’ve got your back! Here’s a list of hashtags I personally have and currently am using my self.

Fashionably Green

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, you know as well as I do that living a greener life is not only healthy for you and the planet, but it’s stylish too. Besides the obvious choices like switching to LED lighting, walk when you can, etc. There’s one point me and my family are working on, recycling! Have a look around you and see what stuff you can make a massive change on in your day to day life!

Are you the type who buys bottled water, then why not filter at home and use a glass bottle instead? Do you often buy new toys for your kids? How about arranging with a group of friends to exchange or borrow toys from each other?

I’ve made a conscious decision to include my children in this new and exciting life change. There are so many clever ways to reuse and recycle our daily items. Our family uses straws a lot, so these stainless steel ones are not only planet and wildlife approved, but family approved as well. Last but not least, kids lunch boxes… Even the sturdiest of plastic lunch boxes break or crack, that’s why I got this rustic looking one. So my six year old daughter doesn’t really care whether her lunch box is rustically trendy, but she does love the three compartments and all the healthy food that goes into it. Win, win!

New Summer Wardrobe

New season calls for a new wardrobe! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, shopping for little girls is so much fun! Summer calls for garden parties, picnics, birthdays, outdoor movie nights, pool parties and so much more. For the cherry on top, the perfect outfit and I got just that.

What’s In My: Makeup Bag Edition

A small makeup bag in my purse is a must. You just never know where life might take you, whether it be a need for a quick touchup midday or perhaps a spontaneous date after work.  Wherever life takes me, I’ll be there fresh and ready for new adventures.

First things first, a touch of color, a smooth canvas and healthy lips. Look no further then Baby Lips by Maybelline, in the shade Rose Addict. I have one in the car, one in my purse, one on the nightstand and one in my office. #obsessed

L’oreal’s Paradise Extatic mascara is my go to drugstore mascara. Don’t let the “drugstore” part fool you, because this is as close to a holy grail mascara you are going to get for that price. It lengthens, separates and is a product you can build on. Whether you would like just a hint of volume or a dramatic look, this one miracle bottle got it all.

I always have at least two shades of lip color with me. This balm stain by Revlon in Honey Douce is as pretty as it is hydrating. Make-up Designory’s lip glaze in Bare is the perfect nude meets a hint of shine. Love!

For the all too familiar lunch-o-clock-shine, I reach for Make-up Designory’s Loose Powder in the shade Zero. This translucent miracle powder, has become a game changer for me. Bye bye shine! No more creasing, no caking and no shiny T zone.

When I’m out and about, I like to keep a hand sanitizer with me, for you know… I’ve tried a lot of great ones, but I always seem to come back to this one by L’Occitane. The soothing scent of lavender always gets me.

Hand sanitizers are great don’t get me wrong, but they do tend to dry my hands sometimes too. That’s when I like to moisturize with non other then L’Occitane’s Lavande Hand Cream. What can I say? I’m a sucker for french lavender.

Polaroids In The Wind

Remember my Shades Of Blue Love Post? I love my little blue Instax Mini and I think I’ve found a way to display some of my favorite shots of the kids. This cherry blossom tree was already in their room. I added a mini wooden peg to each photo and scattered them around amongst the dancing cherry blossoms, that are getting swooped around in the wind.

Sexy Must Haves For Summer

When I think of preparations for summer, there’s a few things that come to my mind. Sun kissed skin, beach hair, sunscreen, lace and floral summer dresses to mention a few. My absolute must have however is the perfect perfume. The perfect scent to me is soft, sexy and seductive.

My all-time favorite perfumes are, Forever & Ever Dior by Christian Dior and L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake. These two are my signature scents for everything described above and more. If you are anything like me and like your scents not overpowering, slightly floral, fresh and sophisticated, then either one of these beauties will become a fast favorite for you too.

Outfit Of The Day

I’ve had a bunch on my to-do-list the last few days, but I believe I’m finally done! Now that I have a few hours to kill, I’m heading out with a friend for a coffee date. The sun is shining, it’s 20 something degrees outside and I’m done with a very long list of tasks… This calls for a mini celebration and I plan to do exactly that by dressing up. Check in later to see what I ordered on my Lazy Girl’s Shopping I’ll give you a hint, beauty products meet summer <3