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Teddy Bear Tea Party

The summer holidays is nearing it’s end and I’m starting to run low on ideas on how to keep the kids busy, but fear not because I always have a few things up my sleeve. My youngest daughter and her teddy have a very special bond. They have been inseparable since she was a teeny […]

Work Work Work

Creative writing requires a few steps to be taken, before an even flow of magic can overrun and be shared with likeminded creatures. A screenplay writer I once knew, used to have the metronome clicking as he was tapping away on the keys. Another writer I know he listens to heavy metal music, whenever he […]

Travel Journal

I am fortunate, for I have colorful experiences! Over the years I have traveled far and wide, I have traveled north and I have traveled south. It’s on my journeys that I have learnt to know the real me, acceptance, love, joy and happiness. Exposing your senses to new experiences is something everyone should do […]

December Favorites

It’s January 1st and with that, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! A new year, means exciting new adventures, embarking on uncharted territories, seizing thrilling opportunities and achieving set goals. December was a joyful month, filled with many fond memories, which we will cherish for many years to come. Birthday parties, […]

50 Questions Tag

50 Questions Tag seems like a fitting first blog post, hope you enjoy the read. Here we go… 1. Name: Amelia 2. Zodiac sign: Virgo 3. Name 3 fears: Bugs, bugs and bugs! 4. 3 things you love: My family, holidays and snow. 5. Who is your best friend: My husband. He’s the only person […]


Hi, I’m Amelia. I’m a mother, wife and an animal lover. A Norwegian girl currently living in Australia, I travel, read, bake, take photographs, notes and so much more along the way on  this  journey of mine. According To Amelia is my little digital corner of the world, where I will be sharing my thoughts […]