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The 12 Makeup Brushes You Need

You don’t need an arsenal of makeup brushes for your everyday look and you probably don’t even need every number of brush for an all glamed up look either. Let’s face it, unless you’re a makeup artist or a beauty junky, you don’t need every brush there is under the sun for a well executed […]

Wake Up Buttercup

We all want our days to be productive and successful and I’m here to let you know it is not as hard or daunting as it may seem. It’s actually quite simple, not easy, but simple non the less! Research shows that your brain has a five-second time limit, when it’s required to make hard […]

Battle Of The: Hand Lotions

Summer or winter, we are always exposed to the elements and if you are the type who likes to live on the edge, I sure hope you wander out there protected. Whether it be the winter cracks or dehydration brought on by the summer sun, I’ve got your back. I’ve rounded up some of my […]

A Dream Worthy Bedroom

photo I’m very particular, when it comes to my bedroom. It’s not just a place I lay my head down and hope to catch a few hours of sleep, it’s my sanctuary. A place where I look forward to being in, somewhere I retreat to, when the outside world becomes too hectic and loud, or […]

Instagram Hashtags For Lifestyle Bloggers

How often do you publish a picture or video on Instagram and you’re not sure how to direct the attention it needs to your feed? Fret not, because I’ve got your back! Here’s a list of hashtags I personally have and currently am using my self.

Fashionably Green

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, you know as well as I do that living a greener life is not only healthy for you and the planet, but it’s stylish too. Besides the obvious choices like switching to LED lighting, walk when you can, etc. There’s one point […]

New Summer Wardrobe

New season calls for a new wardrobe! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, shopping for little girls is so much fun! Summer calls for garden parties, picnics, birthdays, outdoor movie nights, pool parties and so much more. For the cherry on top, the perfect outfit and I got just that.

What’s In My: Makeup Bag Edition

A small makeup bag in my purse is a must. You just never know where life might take you, whether it be a need for a quick touchup midday or perhaps a spontaneous date after work.  Wherever life takes me, I’ll be there fresh and ready for new adventures. First things first, a touch of […]

Polaroids In The Wind

Remember my Shades Of Blue Love Post? I love my little blue Instax Mini and I think I’ve found a way to display some of my favorite shots of the kids. This cherry blossom tree was already in their room. I added a mini wooden peg to each photo and scattered them around amongst the […]

Sexy Must Haves For Summer

When I think of preparations for summer, there’s a few things that come to my mind. Sun kissed skin, beach hair, sunscreen, lace and floral summer dresses to mention a few. My absolute must have however is the perfect perfume. The perfect scent to me is soft, sexy and seductive. My all-time favorite perfumes are, […]