Outfit Of The Day & A Greener Future

When I was living in Norway, I always hated returning empty bottles of cans. Ugh, the long waiting lanes and there was nothing glamours about trash bags filled with dirty and wet bottles. The smell alone was enough to make me want to throw in the towel.

Those days are long gone and I no longer live in a society, where recycling your empty bottles and cans for pocket change is looked upon as normal. Until recently… No I haven’t moved back to Norway, the Australian government is making an effort to encourage it’s residence to recycle more. Similar to Norway, we now exchange our empty bottles and cans for 10 cents each. It’s not much, but enough to make people think twice about where they throw their garbage.

I have made a conscious decision to become better at recycling, but also to include my kiddos in this process. They learn about the importance of taking care of our planet and they get to keep the change we get for recycling. Win, win!

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